The Lastest Unreal Engine 4 Developer Diary Delves into Character Aesthetics

on September 25, 2013 1:19 PM

In the second in-depth look at the capabilities of the Unreal Engine 4, Sr. Technical Artist Jordan Walker and Developer Support Manager Zak Parrish discuss how the artists at Epic Games used the engine’s new layered material system and physically-based shading model to define the look of characters in the Infiltrator real-time demonstration. Infiltrator is a tech-demo used to show off the Unreal Engine 4’s capabilities.

An artist would hand over a character to the Senior Technical Artist and they would create material layers and textures to define how those surfaces react to light. A character artist would first create a high-polygon model, then process a normal map and hand all that off to the texture artist. The texture artist would then make a few textures and material mask to map out where the textures should go on the model. There’s also a texture layer that defines where dirt and grime should collect in the model’s armor. The final texture layer shows where scuff marks and scratches will appear on the amour.

The video also goes over how the artists actually create and edit the various textures used for the character models. The entire video has been posted below, so definitely check it out–the process is very interesting.

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