The Latest BATTLETECH Expansion - Heavy Metal - Is Out Now

BATTLETECH: Heavy Metal is the third expansion Harebrained Schemes has released for its turn-based mech strategy PC game.

Harebrained SchemesBATTLETECH feels a bit like XCOM gameplay mixed with mechs. You’ll very quickly know if this turn-based strategy game is for you and, fortunately for Harebrained, it seems like that audience is pretty big. To date, the game has received two paid expansions and several new additions. This week, the team added the third expansion, Heavy Metal, to the game.

BATTLETECH: Heavy Metal brings eight new mechs to the game, including a brand new “HBS Original” built from the ground up by Harebrained. You’ll also get eight new weapons systems and a new campaign that pits you against two legendary characters from the BattleTech universe. This is, of course, a paid expansion; however, everyone gets to join in on the newness to some degree as HBS dropped the free update 1.8 alongside the expansion.

This update is a big one, as it adds official mod support. This should be a big boost for the community and breath even more life into the game. The free content also includes several new maps, contracts, and events, along with a whole host of bug fixes and the like. Plus, Harebrained is giving everyone a few new BattleMechs to play with. This seems like a sizeable update with tons of content. If you’re a long-time BATTLETECH player, this week is a major win for you.

BATTLETECH: Heavy Metal is available now on PC. The base game is actually on sale via Steam right now for under $15. That makes today a great time to hop in.

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