The Latest Dragon’s Crown Patch Improves Network Stability

The Latest Dragon’s Crown Patch Improves Network Stability

Atlus is continuing to support the fabulous PS Vita and PS3 action RPG Dragon’s Crown and today they’ve released yet another patch for the game. This is the same patch Japan got last month, and it adds some new features and further tweaks the Amazon’s Berserk skill, but the most significant change is probably the improved online mode. The patch notes (which you can read in full below) list improved online network connection stability as one of the “bug fixes”:

[Bug Fixes]

  • Online network connection stability has been improved.

[New Features]

  • An option to hide the triangular character marker has been added. In the Game Options 2 menu, you can choose to have it displayed for selected characters/all characters/no characters.
  • An option to display damage values only for controlled characters has been added.

[Feature Modifications]

  • Amazon/Fighter: Equipment durability takes less damage when guarding.
  • Amazon: Balance adjustments have been made to the Berserk effect.
  • Other tuning and minor improvements to various gameplay elements have made.

One has to appreciate a developer continuing to support a game post launch and actually caring about addressing bugs and other issues.