The Latest Mortal Kombat X Patch Comes With a Chilling Surprise

on April 20, 2015 6:08 PM

Get some nostalgic chills with the Klassic Sub-Zero skin. Mortal Kombat X’s newest gameplay patch includes an awesome throwback back for Mortal Kombat fans free of charge.

The patch includes with some gameplay tweaks, a bunch of new costumes, Jason online compatibility and some mild bug fixing.


Mortal Kombat X 1.02 Patch Notes:
General – Throws (regular or command grabs) will no longer sometimes connect on a grounded reacting opponent off a counter hit
Shinnok(Impostor) – He can now control the location of a stolen Goro Stomp.
Sub-Zero(Grandmaster) – Combos on a grounded opponent frozen by the Ice Klone will now scale properly.
Takeda(Ronin) – Added a new move “Quick Kall” (Down, Towards, Front Punch) which quickly returns a dropped blade without doing an attack.
Takeda(Shirai Ryu) – He will now always teleport to the other side when doing the Air Shirai Ryu Port

Mortal Kombat X is out now on Xbox One, PC and PS4. Be sure to check the Mortal Kombat X episode of Joystickin’ With Jorge to see what big gory deal is.

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