The Latest PlayStation 4.50 Firmware Update is Live and Pretty Awesome

on October 3, 2013 12:12 AM

In case you were wondering what the latest 4.50 Firmware update for PlayStation 3 did for your console, let me start off by pointing out that one of my favorite features of PlayStation Plus (PSN’s subscription-based program) was the ability to not have to worry about having to download updates. Instead with Plus membership, while I was asleep, my system would automatically update itself. Giving me the satisfaction of having to jump through few hoops to access my games quickly, if i’m jonesing for a few multiplayer matches. It was quite perfect, really.¬†With PlayStation’s latest Firmware update, all users can now have that ability. It definitely makes things a lot easier and faster too.

Other features that were improved upon within the update were auto download support towards items purchased through the online store has also been made available to all PSN members. There’s also a new privacy setting for your trophies, which will allow you to be able to show which trophies you want made visible. Lastly, the ability to transfer data from your PS3 to your PS Vita using Wi-Fi or a ethernet cable.

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