The Launch Trailer for Grey Goo is Downright Slimey, Screenshots Showcase Feuding Factions

on January 18, 2015 6:22 PM

Back in November we reported the first development diary released by Petroglyph Games for Grey Goo.

In this science fiction RTS, it has been five hundred years after the exploration of space outside Earth’s solar system. The Beta, an exploration team who has created The Goo, a race of self-replicating nanobots that can move around the map consuming enemies and forming itself into new units to assist them in exploring a planet called Ecosystem Nine.

Unfortunately for the humans, The Goo have now developed a mind of their own and have decided to destroy the Ecosystem Nine.

Players will be able to pick between three factions: Humans, The Beta and The Goo, to use them to fight in single player campaign or competitive multiplayer mode.

Each faction will feature different units, structures, and play style as well as its own segment of the single player campaign.

Grey Goo will release on January 23rd for PC.

Check out the launch trailer, several screenshots and concept art below.

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