Binding of Issac Prequel The Legend of Bum-bo Finally Releases in November

Binding of Issac Prequel The Legend of Bum-bo Finally Releases in November

The Legend of Bum-bo, a prequel to Edmund McMillen's The Binding of Issac, finally gets a November 12 release date.

Edmund McMillen first announced The Legend of Bum-bo back in 2016 with a 2017 release window. Unfortunately, the game has suffered numerous development setbacks and has had to be delayed multiple times. However, in a brand-new trailer, McMillen revealed that The Binding of Issac prequel will finally be out this November. Give the trailer a watch below.

The Legend of Bum-bo is a puzzle-based deck-builder with rogue-like aspects. That’s quite a mouthful of a descriptor; however, the game looks pretty fun. Unlike Issac, Bum-bo takes a turn-based approach to combat. You’ll be using a match-four puzzle interface to do various actions. It’s obviously a big departure from the Issac formula, but McMillen and his team have the skills to create great gameplay regardless of genre. That said, the game is very much so in-universe. The art and style look exactly like an Issac game, and the rogue-like aspects fit right in that world as well.

The game includes tons of items and trinkets for you to unlock as you progress through randomly-generated levels. Each item can be further modified and upgraded to make them even stronger. There are also four playable characters, adding even more diversity and replayability to the game. Personally, I’ve logged north of 500 hours in The Binding of Issac over the years, so I’m hoping Bum-bo can deliver that same addictive gameplay.

The Legend of Bum-bo will release for PC and Mac on November 12. McMillen confirmed on Twitter that a Nintendo Switch version would be coming, but seemed much less sure about PS4.