The Legend of Dragoon Fans are Desperately Hoping Bluepoint's Upcoming Project is a Remake of the Beloved JRPG

Fans of The Legend of Dragoon are trying their best to band together and make Sony aware that they want the cult classic to be remade.

Over twenty years after the original, Japanese release of The Legend of Dragoon, the game’s fanbase has started banding together and asking for a remake of the beloved JRPG.

To coincide with the game’s original release, on December 2, a new petition was launched by some fans to make Sony aware that a remake of The Legend of Dragoon is something that the community wants. The petition not only serves as a broad means of making Sony aware of this desire from the community, but also comes with a handful of suggestions that fans would love to see in a potential remake. One of these suggestions is to have a potential Legend of Dragoon remake arrive on PS5, rather than PS4, so that it wouldn’t “again suffer the fate of being released at the end of a console’s generation.” As of now, the petition has a little over 9,700 signatures, with the goal being to reach 25,000.

In a message sent to DualShockers, one of the organizers of the petition said that the fanbase is really hedging its bets on Bluepoint’s upcoming PS5 project as one of the potential ways in which this remake could come about. “We’ve been waiting for many years for Sony to remake/remaster [The Legend of Dragoon], and we truly feel that [the] current Bluepoint Games project, may be our last hope,” the organizer told us. “We just need to reach as many people as we can so Sony can see, one more time, that there’s a solid fanbase begging for a Legend of Dragoon remake.”

Currently, Bluepoint’s upcoming game is still shrouded in mystery, but the developer has been making some potential teases regarding the project lately. Based on these teases, many seem to think that the game could either be a remake of FromSoftware’s Demon’s Souls or instead that of The Legend of Dragoon. While there’s no timetable as to when Bluepoint might announce this new game, we do happen to know that the studio is already quite proud of it.

The fanbase for The Legend of Dragoon also put together a video talking about the desire to see a remake as well. You can check this out down below.

If you’re a massive fan of The Legend of Dragoon and you’d like to add your own name to the petition, you can do so by clicking right here.

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