The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki Info and Screenshots Introduce New Characters, Crafts

The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki Info and Screenshots Introduce New Characters, Crafts

Today Nihon Falcom released a new batch of information of the upcoming PS Vita/PS3 JRPG The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki, that will hit the Japanese shelves on September the 23rd.

We get to know two new characters: Towa Hasher is the president of the student council at the Academy. She’s a petite and pretty senior that normally works quietly behind the scenes without hogging the spotlight.  Coming from a commoner family, she’s known to be very hard working and she doesn’t let herself be phased by the bullying received from students of noble lineage. She looks young but she’s actually 18 and there’s more to her than meets the eye. As a senpai she’s always ready to offer good advice to the protagonist Rean. Her weapon of choice is a small gun. Strangely enough, she doesn’t wear glasses. She’ll be voiced by Ai Nonaka (Aria in Final Fantasy Type-0)

Angelica Rogner (portrayed above) is the heir to the Marquis title of the Rogner family, one of the four great noble houses of Erebonia that oversees the northern region of Nordia . She always wears a biker suit and rides a bike (that she basically uses as a surrogate a lover, since she doesn’t have a boyfriend) and she’s apparently very popular between other girls. She gets along well with Towa and she acts as Rean’s mentor.  Despite her relatively young age (she’s 19) she’s an accomplished martial artist. In the gallery at the bottom of the post you can see her family’s heraldic emblem. Her voice will be performed by Naomi Shindo (whose performance I loved in Valkyria Chronicles as Irene Ellet and also voiced Cagalli in Mobile Suit Gundam SEED).

SenNoKiseki Screenshot (7)

 We also learn that the Craft system will make a comeback. Crafts are character-specific special abilities that can be attacks, buffs or recovery powers, and are performed by spending points called CP accumulated during battles.

Allisa can use Flamberge, allowing her to shoot a flaming arrow that hits a single enemy also causing additional fire damage. Elliot  uses Echoes Beat, that raises defense of all allies and creates a regeneration effect that heals thir HP gradually. Sara has an AOE attack called “Sound God” (Narukami) that will hit several enemies within an area with gunshots that will also call lightning on them, with a chance to add a Seal Craft on the those affected.

Even more powerful abilities defined S-Crafts will be activated by spending more than 100 CP. They will also instantly interrupt enemy action, creating a situation named S-Break.

SenNoKiseki Screenshot (4)

Rean’s S-craft is Flame Sword, that does exactly what it says on the tin. It engulfs the blade of his sword with fire and hits the enemy with a powerful flame attack. Laura can use Mistery Blade: Wild Dance, a technique handed down from generation to generation in the Arzeid family. Her sword turns into a blade of pure light and slashes wildly at a number of enemies. Finally Emma can unleash Road al Bellion, that summons the Towers of Magic from the ground, unleashing enormous destructive energy in the area between them.

While that’s all for today’s Sen no Kiseki news, you can enjoy the gallery of new screenshots and artwork below. I can’t help but hope that this game will come Westwards, as it looks more interesting every time I hear something new about it.