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The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki Reveals its Battle Mechanics In the Latest Update

June 27, 2013

A very special update was released today that delves deep into the combat system of Nihon Falcom’s latest game, The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki, which will be released in Japan on September 26th for PS3 and PS Vita. The update is separated into three sections: Tactical Orbment (a combining of the words “orb” and “placement”) ARCUS, Quartz rankings and an introduction to the Arts.

In regards to the first, one must place a special crystal circuit called a Quartz into a device known as the Tactical Orbment ARCUS. This triggers a reaction that enhances the physical ability of the user and allows for the casting of Arts (guiding force magic).

Quartz, the circuits in questions, are categorized into several rankings and types, depending on how powerful they are and what they do when cast.

  1. Normal Quartz- has one Art ability inscribed into it.
  2. Rare Quartz- two or more Arts are contained and is more precious than Normal Quartz.
  3. S Rare Quartz- very powerful and high class Arts sealed in it. Cannot be purchased in stores.

Two examples of Normal Quartz are Attack, which possesses a fire attribute and raises the user’s strength when equipped, and Silverthorne, which casts an illusion Arts. One kind of Rare Quartz is Healing, which has a water attribute and lets the user cast various healing and support Arts.

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Overtime, the user’s Quartz will grow in power until it is mastered and it learns new abilities (much like Materia in Final Fantasy VII). Two master abilities have been revealed:

  • Force- greatly increases the STR (physical attack) of the wearer at the start of battle. Also lets the wearer use the Arts “Fire Bolt.”
  • Angel- greatly increases the ATS (magic attack) of the wearer and heals both HP and CP (craft points). Can also cast the Art “Seras.”

Lastly, the Arts themselves are special abilities that consume the EP (energy points) of the caster. There are seven attributes of Arts in total: earth, water, fire, wind, time, illusion and sky. Naturally, the enemies in game are aligned with certain elements which makes them weaker to others–one path to victory is to strike the enemies’ weakness for heavy damage. Here are some examples of spells, their elements and their effects.

  1. Ancient Glyph (Earth)- can Petrify the enemy, which incapacitates it.
  2. Judgment Bolt (Wind)- can Seal the enemy, which blocks it from casting magic.
  3. Altea Cannon (Sky)- can lower the ATS (magic attack) and ATF (magic defense) of an enemy.
  4. Silverthorne (Illusion)- can confuse the enemy.
  5. Chrono Burst (Time)- this spell is cast on the user and accelerates them, which allows for continuous action.
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