Stage Your Dream The Legend of Zelda Wedding with $2,400 Hyrule Gown

Now a The Legend of Zelda inspired wedding can be yours, if the bride-to-be wants a Hyrule themed wedding gown.

February 9, 2019

They say that a bride’s wedding day is the one day in her life she should feel like a princess. And that is exactly what custom LA-based boutique Firefly Path is hoping to accomplish — but more specifically, feeling like Princess Zelda. A brand new $2,400 bridal gown offers a nice middle-ground between geeky and vintage for your dream The Legend of Zelda themed wedding.

For those of you who haven’t heard of them, Firefly Path is a custom boutique that toes the line between cosplay and period-piece clothing line. If you frequent renaissance festivals, you have have seen their take on Elven gowns or capes.


However, their new “Hyrule Dress” may be their pièce desistance, even if it clocks out at $2,400 for the starting price. Modeled by Instagram artist emackphoto, you can see some of the nuances of the dress:

There are more than a few things that hint to the Hyrule inspirations of the gown — namely the apron which touches on some of The Legend of Zelda symbology. It isn’t exactly what you might see on the Hylian Shield, but it also isn’t too far off.

Meanwhile, there are some subtle blue accents — notably a diamond-shaped jewel. While Breath of the Wild fans may think this is a play to Zelda’s new blue-aesthetic, long-time fans of the series know that the Princess of Light has had a blue jewel in nearly every reincarnation of her character across the insane timeline.

This Hyrule Wedding Gown joins the ranks with other amazing The Legend of Zelda projects — both fan-made and professional. Last week we saw an oddly satisfying automaton that captured the sea-faring beauty of Wind Waker. Meanwhile, others have made amazing Breath of the Wild fan projects, whether it be a brilliant animated fan video or a mashup between Pokemon and the Sheikah Slate.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is currently available on Nintendo Switch and Wii U, and is one of the systems’ best-selling titles. If you haven’t picked it up (somehow), you can grab the game now on Amazon. Meanwhile, you can check out a gallery of the wedding dress below for some different angles:

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