The Long Dark Adds New Rewards Tier, Updates on the Game’s Technology, PS4/Xbox One Support a Strong Possibility

The Long Dark Adds New Rewards Tier, Updates on the Game’s Technology, PS4/Xbox One Support a Strong Possibility

For those of you interested in plunking down a considerable amount of money towards Hinterland Games’ introductory title, The Long Dark, the developers have added a higher rewards tier to satiate your desire. Those who donate $1,500 towards the game will actually have themselves put into the game. “We’ll take a photo of you and work with you to design an NPC in the world, and even work on dialogue and characterization based on you,” wrote the Hinterland Team, “A nice way to be immortalized in the world of The Long Dark!”

The Long Dark will be running on the Unity3D engine, which Hinterland chose for the following reasons, “(a) it has the functionality and workflow we need to build the game we envision (b) the engine is mature, stable and well documented (c) low cost + no royalties and (d) support for PC, Mac and Linux platforms.” With the news that the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will have support for the Unity engine well before The Long Dark is released, the developers have stated that, “releasing the game on the PS4 and Xbox One after the initial release is something we are seriously considering.”

As for the game itself, The Long Dark will feature dynamic time of day, dynamic weather, and survival simulation. Day and night will change based on a 24-part cycle, and not in real-time. Just like in the real world, sounds of animals and the color of sky will change as well, all of which will affect, “the survival simulation that accounts for hunger / thirst / fatigue / temperature / condition is updated each frame.”

Survival simulation is one of the paramount aspects of the game, “[hunger, thirst, fatigue, temperature (how warm/cold you are), and overall condition are] affected by a multitude of factors, and there are some relationships between things (for example, extreme hunger will also cause fatigue). If these variables reach critical levels, the player condition will begin to degrade. You can think of condition as representing how close to death the player is… once condition reaches zero, it’s game over.”

Weather will be encompassed by multiple seasons, characterized by, “challenging weather conditions such as blizzards that arrive suddenly, extreme temperature drops at night, as well as beautiful sunny skies or a gentle snowfall.”

The Long Dark is being developed by Hinterland Games and will be published for PC, Mac, and Linux in October of 2014. At the time of this posting, the game has amassed over $84,000 of its $200,000 goal. You can check out the game’s Kickstarter page in the link below.