The Long Dark Gets Remastered Story Mode and New Additions to Survival as December Update Arrives

The Long Dark Gets Remastered Story Mode and New Additions to Survival as December Update Arrives

The Long Dark gets a long list of changes and forces players to start fresh in the remastered story mode.

 The Long Dark is now live. Back in August, we heard about the plans for the update when the developer shared details on when Episode 3 would be launching. It feels like a long time ago, but it was only in 2017 that The Long Dark achieved 1.3m sales in Early Access.

As promised, the December update introduces Redux versions of the Wintermule game mode for the currently available Episode 1 and 2. These two episodes are remastered in Wintermule Redux and all NPC’s are now fully voiced and animated with re-written and re-recorded dialogue. A first-person narrative is present and a new dialogue mode has also been added.

Furthermore, there are new story moments, new characters, and missions to keep the episodes feeling fresher than the snow around your protagonist. The need for backtracking has also been reduced and survival “needs” have been retuned. More ammo has been made available around the world.

Additionally, The Long Dark’s Survival Mode has been updated to include a new challenge mode called, “Archivist”. A new craftable Rabbitskin Hat is also available, on top of that, there’s a new and revised cooking UI. A Well Fed health buff will take effect if you avoid starvation for longer than 72 hours and will grant you a buff to your Condition and Carrying Capacity.

In the patch notes, Hinterland Studios state that at this moment in time, the Bear Spear is still exclusive to story mode but will be making its way to the Survival mode in the future. It’s also known that Xbox One and Xbox One S consoles are experiencing performance issues due to a Unity issue, but Xbox One X consoles are fine. A patch will be issued to fix this.

You can find the large list of improvements, additions, and fixes to The Long Dark by heading to the patch notes. There is a brand new trailer that you’ll find below that shows off the Wintermule Redux update.

As a word of warning, due to the changes, previous Story Mode saves will now not be compatible with the updated version of the game and will be wiped. The Survival mode save files are compatible and will allow you to continue where you left off.

The Long Dark is available for Xbox One, PS4, PC, Mac, and Linux.