The Long Dark’s Creative Director Sheds Light on its Story, Setting, and Conditions

The Long Dark’s Creative Director Sheds Light on its Story, Setting, and Conditions

I had to use that pun eventually.

In The Long Dark, “humanity is the monster,” Creative Director Raphael Van Lierop wrote. When players eventually delve into the game, the themes that the developers are shooting for will be characterized by a chilling approach similar to that of other post-disaster works. Van Lierop added that Red Dead Redemption‘s approach to delivering a fictional world within a set of bendable non-fictional rules is close to what they are doing with The Long Dark. As for the time period, the game will take place roughly 2-3 years from whenever it is published. Technology in the game will be similar to what we use in our everyday lives.

The conditions in The Long Dark are the result of the largest solar superstorm in history, making, “the Carrington Event of 1859 look like a party sparkler. In late September, triggered by a massive coronal mass ejection (CME) that covers the distance between the Sun and the Earth in a blazing eight hours, the Earth is buffeted for days by highly concentrated electromagnetic energy.” The effects of the event are widespread, heavily impacting the nation’s power grid, satellites, telecommunications, and automobiles. The damaged infastructure does not bode well with winter on the horizon.

Interestingly enough, we will experience some similar effects to our electronic infastructure, as the solar maximum in the real world is expected begin soon.

“Exploring the ‘quiet apocalypse’, of the outlying rural and wilderness settings,” will be what the game focuses on ultimately, Van Lierop wrote, “people living on the fringes tend to be more self-sufficient, but in many ways can also be even more dependent on technology for communications, or on transportation to resupply.” ”

“As life in the urban centres begins to fall apart, how will the survivors from the fringes choose to exist? How will they deal with the collapse of civilization around them? How will they react when refugees from the cities reach their doorsteps? How far will they go to survive? How far will you?” Van Lierop asks, “These are some of the questions you will face in The Long Dark.”

The Long Dark is being developed by Hinterland Games for the PC, Mac, and Linux. The developers are shooting for an October 2014 release, and hope to eventually have the game released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as well. At the time of this posting, the project has amassed close to $97,000 of its $200,000 base goal.