The Long Journey Home Launches a Major Update Including Story Mode

The Long Journey Home Launches a Major Update Including Story Mode

Daedalic Entertainment has been listening to player feedback and has provided a new update to the space exploration game The Long Journey Home, including a Story Mode and more.

In response to its community’s feedback, developer Daedalic Entertainment has announced a sizable update for its recently released space exploration RPG The Long Journey Home. Most notably, the update will include a ‘Story Mode’ that will add a bit more variety to the game’s already sprawling gameplay possibilities.

Daedalic has heard the voices of its fans and in response has provided an update to the game that will allow players to take part in a Story Mode, adding elements to the game that the developer claims will make gameplay a little “friendlier.” These new elements include a galaxy with more abundant and valuable resources, aliens who are more generous in their trade agreements, and more Earth-like planets with fewer extreme and hazardous conditions. Additionally, players will receive more resilient Landers and a reduced space pirate presence. After all of that, the developer promises the new mode will provide “additional assistance for tricky parts of the game” and changes that will ultimately make for a more leisurely stroll through the galaxy rather than one fraught with danger around every corner.

A few additional changes were made to the game according to player feedback. Both Story Mode and General Changes are outlined below

New Mode: Story Mode

  • Reduced planetary difficulty conditions
  • More abundant galactic resources
  • Resources worth more in trade and for ship repair/maintenance
  • Increased Lander strength
  • Reduced impact/heat/environmental/drilling damage in the Lander
  • Reduced fuel consumption in the Lander
  • Enemies cannot lock player into Encounter
  • Aliens offer more credits and more generous deals in trade
  • Reduced flyover damage in event of failed orbit
  • Greatly reduced pirate presence
  • Larger orbit window

General Changes

  • Explorer mode renamed “Adventure Mode”
  • Devices now require timed button press to uninstall/destroy
  • Can now jump back to same system if required
  • Lander rotation speed and thruster agility increased
  • Reduced pirate presence
  • Native fullscreen mode

Many bug-fixes and scripting tweaks

Of course, Daedalic still recommends gamers play the Adventure Mode of The Long Journey Home for the ideal experience. Also available is the Rogue Mode, which provides an even more extreme challenge to survival in the hostile galaxy. Still, if all you want is to get a better hold on the game’s mechanics.

As players continue to play The Long Journey Home, Daedalic Entertainment says it will continue to monitor player feedback and provide further improvements as necessary.

The Long Journey Home released for PC on May 30. It is currently priced on Steam at $35.99 (normally $39.99) until June 6 as a launch window promotion.