Uncharted: The Lost Legacy and The Last of Us Part II Are Naughty Dog’s Only Current Plans

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy and The Last of Us Part II Are Naughty Dog’s Only Current Plans

Recently, Naughty Dog's president provided some details into how the team is structured, what has made The Lost Legacy so important to develop, and why there are no further development plans right now.

With Nathan Drake’s story behind it, Naughty Dog has wasted no time in moving onto new projects. We now have confirmation that those projects are Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, standalone DLC for Uncharted 4  that follows Chloe Frazer, as well as the much-anticipated follow-up to 2013’s hit in The Last of Us Part II. With two games currently in development, there’s plenty of work to go around the office. Apparently that means we already know Naughty Dog’s plans for the foreseeable future.

In an interview with Game Informer, Naughty Dog President Evan Wells explained that the team really wanted to tell the story of The Lost Legacy, but it has no intention of making the Uncharted franchise into a series of spin-offs. In fact, Naughty Dog’s plans don’t get much more long-term than what we see with its two announced titles.

“We don’t plan that far ahead. Making a game is pretty tough, so we’re focused on getting what we’re currently working on out the door.

“We don’t have a grand plan to continue to do this serially or to create more side stories of other characters. We’re excited about the opportunity to delve into Chloe’s story and return to a fan favorite and to get this opportunity to tell an interesting story, producing some really great set pieces and some environments we’ve been interested in exploring. It’s an opportunity to accomplish those things without any greater plan for anything else.”

With Uncharted 3 and The Last of Us‘ simultaneous development, Naughty Dog had split into two teams to tackle titles that today are acknowledged as quite successful. However, since that time, Naughty Dog has moved away from this structure. According to Wells, the developer has “given up any dream or fantasy” of a two team structure.

“The two team push was something back on The Last of Us Part I. We were attempting to hire and build out two fully-staffed teams, and just with the demands of development and our ambitions growing over the years and how much effort we’re putting into a single game, staffing two full teams was just impossible. What we’ve ended up with is about a team and a quarter, maybe a team and a third depending on the time of year.”

Wells went on to say that following the completion of The Lost Legacy, both the full team and the remainder will come together to focus efforts on The Last of Us Part II. Even in the game’s early stage of development, Wells says he’s confident “it’s going to be amazing.”

Recently, Neil Druckmann, director of The Last of Us Part II, talked a little about his creative process. Additionally, some new information about The Lost Legacy‘s story dropped.