The Love Letter is How Every Confession Should Be Like

on February 18, 2012 3:00 PM

I know Valentine’s is already well out of the way, but I can’t help but make a mention of The Love Letter, axcho and knivel’s fantastic short Flash game about confessing adolescent infatuations in a high school setting.

It’s fairly simple, but the concept is quite clever: a love letter’s been dropped in your locker, and you’ll have 5 minutes to read it and figure out the sender. However, you can only read it while absolutely by yourself, which is difficult in a bustling hallway of kids bursting at the seams with hormones.

Maybe it’s just the romantic in me, but upon completing The Love Letter, I found myself having a nice smile on my face, as the payoff was most certainly worth it. Play it here, and you’ll likely feel the same.

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