Survival Title The Man Came Around Gets Funded on Kickstarter with a Little Time to Spare

Survival Title The Man Came Around Gets Funded on Kickstarter with a Little Time to Spare

Pipette Inc.'s 5-character survival game The Man Came Around has reached its initial Kickstarter goal, and now aims to meet a stretch goal to unlock a Challenge Mode.

Developer Pipette Inc. has had its newest title The Man Came Around on Kickstarter for nearly a month. With only a few days left, the survival adventure game has reached its Kickstarter goal and is aiming for the final stretch.

The Man Came Around, which had a Kickstarter goal in the amount of €10,000 (about $11,000), has officially surpassed its initial goal for funding. Now, Pipette Inc. has announced a €12,500 stretch goal, which will allow the game to include a Challenge Mode if it is met before May 11. So far, the crowdfunding campaign has raised €10,441.

The Man Came Around is a survival adventure game, in which you play as five characters attempting to flee from their nation’s dictatorship grip. As the party makes its way toward the heavily guarded Northern Border of Occida, they will face corrupt law enforcement, scarce resources, and a slew of difficult decisions. The developer asks, “Will you sacrifice your principles in order to survive?”

The game also includes the following primary gameplay elements:

  • Political fable: The story explores how a democratic system can fall, ruined by special interests. And asks the crucial question: How could it happen?
  • Moral Choices: Sacrificing a member, making shady deals or letting innocents die in order to survive … Those choices will impact the story.
  • Group Survival: Permadeath for the characters! It’s up to you to finish the game with five or only one survivor.
  • Trauma System: Stress and guilt will impact your characters’ psyche.
  • Interactive Narration: Let your choices change the story. Replay to discover all possibilities.
  • Lost in a Maze: Explore a labyrinthine world full of secrets.
  • Unique Graphic Style: 2D handcrafted speed painting.

The Man Came Around is planned to be released on PC and Mac. For more information, check out the game’s Kickstarter page or watch the trailer provided below.