The Mandate Adds Game of Thrones Actor To Cast

The Mandate Adds Game of Thrones Actor To Cast

Recently Perihelion Interactive The Mandate teased the possibility of a famous actor joining the game’s voiceover cast: well, wait no longer, because they’ve revealed that actor.

David Bradley joins the cast of The Mandate, who may be recognizable for his roles in Game of Thrones, Dr. Who, Harry Potter and Captain America. Bradley is most known for his stage acting and has won the Lawrence Olivier award. His role in The Mandate will be as Lord High Admiral Suvarov, a part of the Romanov family (but also apart of the Black Eagle faction, on his mother’s side).

With Bradley’s arrival, Perihelion has created a new trailer to go along their Kickstarter Campaign video, which you can view below. The footage shows how essential managing your crew will be in The Mandate, and how living with the lingering memories of your lost comrades (and the others you’re likely to eventually lose) will shape your experience.

Perihelion has also released a cool new “Propaganda Machine,” where gamers can use four preset posters to creation captions and their very own propaganda to be downloaded, linked to, or shared on Facebook. You can see one of mine below (some may see it as fun, some…as a warning).

The Mandate - DualShockers PropagandaPoster

The Mandate is currently 60% funded, with just over $300,000 pledged of its $500,000 goal, and just under two weeks to go. To support the game, check out The Mandate‘s Kickstarter page. For more on the game, check out Perihelion’s recent “Ask Me Anything” session, and all of our The Mandate news. You can also check out The Mandate‘s Steam page, where the game has been greenlit by the community.