The Mandate Makes Half Its Goal; Releases Developer Diary, Screenshots and Upcoming Announcements

on November 11, 2013 3:20 PM

The Mandate has officially surpassed half of its Kickstarter goal, reaching $250,000 worth of pledges. To celebrate, Perihelion Interactive have released a developer diary narrated by the Technical Director Vegard, detailing how they’ve tried to optimize the game with a pragmatic design philosophy and some more technical design tricks when using the Unity engine. There’s also a trio of new screenshots showing off the interiors of a ship, which you can view below with the developer video.

They’ve also announced an upcoming AMA (Ask Me Anything) for this Wednesday, November 13th, set for 11pm CET, 5pm EST, and 2pm PST on Reddit. Involved will be Executive producer and lead designer Ole, Art Director Garret, and Community Manager Michael. The exact link will be coming soon, to be announced on their Twitter, Facebook and Kickstarter pages.

The developers will also be heading over to London to direct the voiceover of their next trailer which may star a “famous actor,” who will voice the character Suvarov in the final release.

The Mandate, for the uninitiated, takes place 1500 years into the future, during a time where an Empire with an Imperial Mandate has just lost their Emperor to mysterious circumstances, had his inexperienced daughter crowned in his place, have lost the Empire’s best soldiers, the Grand Fleet, and have colonies threatening to withdraw from the Mandate. The desperate Empress has created the Corsairs, taking disgraced ex-captains and giving them a ship and crew, charged with reclaiming their honor.

This will require players to quell rebellions, investigate the disappearance of the Grand Fleet, explore new worlds, and fight in the name of the Empress and the Mandate. The game seeks to give players unbridled freedom in how they choose to play the game, be it as a noble and diplomatic soldier loyal to the Mandate, a rebel against the Empire, or a pirate king just looking out for himself and his crew.

The Mandate is set to release to Windows, Mac and Linux platforms for a Q1 2015 release. For more details, screenshots and trailer about the game,  check out all of our The Mandate news.

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