The Medium Has 9 Uncanny Facts That Bloober Team Wants You to Know

The Medium Has 9 Uncanny Facts That Bloober Team Wants You to Know

The buildings are based on real locations, the Silent Hill composer co-created the soundtrack, and more facts are revealed in this fact-filled video.

Bloober Team is ramping up it’s marketing as the release date for the upcoming horror game The Medium looms ever nearer. And to celebrate the game’s launch next week, a new video has been shared that takes a slightly different approach to previous material. This time being more light-hearted as opposed to sticking to the overall horror vibes of previous videos.

The video that you can view below features, as the video explains, “9 uncanny facts” about The Medium. The very first fact to be brought up focuses on the game’s concept which reportedly began as far back as 2012, with the Wii U, Xbox 360, and PS3 as its primary consoles. The video actually shows off some early footage that seems to be running that version of the game.

Currently, The Medium is now only slated for launch on the PC and Xbox Series X | S after requiring more hardware power to make the game’s Dual Reality mechanic a reality. The second fact touches on the characters, revealing that the protagonist, Marianne and the unnamed bloke who wants “revenge” are based on 2 famous Polish actors, Weronika Rosati and Marcin Dorociński.

The third uncanny fact comes in the form of music, revealing that the game’s soundtrack has been co-created by the composer of the Silent Hill games, Akira Yamaoka. Mary Elizabeth McGlynn joins the game through vocals for the soundtrack, similarly to her role in the Silent Hill games soundtracks. Troy Baker is also a voice actor for his character, The Maw which was already known, but we get to see him doing some more acting in the above video.

The location for The Medium is in an in-game hotel called Niwa, however, the hotel itself is based on a real-life abandoned hotel in Poland, Hotel Cracovia. It was built in 1960-1965 and is five-storeys tall with 309 rooms, 9 suites, a casino, a restaurant, and more. In 2011 the hotel closed down. The Niwa hotel in The Medium has been created carefully to keep the feel of the hotel intact…obviously just with haunting demons of sorts. The location will also bear a bunch of references to the era it’s set in,

Sticking to locations, it’s also noted that Marianne’s apartment in the game is based on a real apartment in Krakow, Poland. It’s situated near Matejko Square. The same building also makes an appearance in Bloober Team’s Observer: System Redux.

Another fact, developers are revealed to have acted out all cutscenes to act as references for motion capture actors. This particularly came in useful for when production on the game had to move to remote development when lockdowns due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic began last year. Motion capture sessions were recorded in the studio by a small crew as it was directed through video call methods.

It’s also revealed that The Maw was motion captured through using an actor on stilts to give authenticity to its height. The Medium will contain around 90 minutes of cutscenes with the gameplay being said to be 8-10 hours long.

When it comes to gameplay, players will be able to keep a check on Marianne’s spirit energy level. The more the energy wraps around her arm, the more spiritual energy you have. This was done to keep the UI as minimalistic as possible. The energy that’s being talked about is part of the powers that come with being a Medium which was explained in a recent video that you can view here.

Something else, players can expect to discover “secrets, pop-culture references, and little easter eggs” as they explore the areas. Some of these references were teased, such as references to the studios’ previous titles, or hiding developers faces on in-game objects.

The Medium is slated to be launching on January 28, it’ll be available on Xbox Series X | S and PC.