The Medium Gets a New Trailer During The Xbox Games Showcase

Today's new trailer for The Medium shows off some of the game's new features, including dual-reality

July 23, 2020

Horror titles weren’t a huge part of today’s Xbox Games Showcase, but what did appear was absolutely chilling. Fans of the genre may already know about The Medium, the next title from the very not-spookily-named Bloober Team, whose published titles include Blair Witch, Observer, and Layers of Fear. While we’ve already gotten a couple of looks at The Medium in the past, today’s new trailer for the game included a first look at its dual-reality mechanics.

For those that are unfamiliar, The Medium places players in the shoes of Marianne, a medium who can see into the world of the dead. Over the course of the game, she is haunted by visions in both the world of the living and the dead. Using her ability, Marianne can interact with this spirit world, moving things and crossing paths that aren’t present in the land of the living.

To emphasize her presence in these worlds, The Medium will let players see Marianne in both at the same time. This feature, dubbed dual-reality, splits the screen to show what’s going on in our world and the spirit world simultaneously. For players, moving through these worlds will be done with just one control stick, Marianne’s actions in one are mirrored in the other. However, her abilities in the world of the dead aren’t limited to simply picking things up and putting them down. She has a host of otherworldly powers, although we only got a peek at one called Out of Body.

The Medium is set to launch on Xbox Series X and PC Holiday season 2020. Pre-orders for the title are now available for $49.99 or €49.99 on both platforms via the game’s website, which you can find here. Those that opt to pre-order the game on Steam will also get an original soundtrack for the game, featuring the works of Akira Yamaoka, whose previous work includes the Silent Hill series, and Bloober’s own Arkadiusz Reikowski, as well as a digital book for the game. Until The Medium comes out, you can check out the game’s reveal trailer here.


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