The Medium Behind the Scenes Video Announces Troy Baker as Part of the Cast

A behind the scenes video reveals that The Medium is set to star Troy Baker as the role of the Maw, the main antagonist of the horror game.

August 31, 2020

The Medium has been on many people’s anticipated games list since it was first revealed at the Inside Xbox event in May. Through a behind the scenes video released by the game’s developer, Bloober Team, fans are able to learn a little bit more about the development of the game as well as its thematic motifs. Most notably, however, the video revealed that Troy Baker will be joining the voice cast of the game.

In The Medium, Troy Baker, known for his roles as Joel Miller, Sam Drake, and most recently Bruce Banner in Marvel’s Avengers, is voicing the Maw. According to Bloober Team’s most recent press release, the Maw is “the main spirit world entity and antagonist in The Medium.”


The behind the scenes video also goes into some of the main themes for The Medium. One of the game’s producers, Jacek Zięba, says in the video, “when you have our central theme, dualism, different points of view, everything is connected to the topic.” That central theme is reflected through the gameplay by using the power of the Xbox Series X to render two worlds simultaneously that the player can switch between.

Lead game designer, Wojciech Piejko, says, “during the game, you will see different events and different points of view and the game will never tell you that something was good or bad.”

The press release also says that the “development team have shared the first episode of the Behind the Scenes series for the game,” implying that there will be more behind the scenes videos for The Medium to keep an eye out for.

For more on The Medium make sure to check out our article on Bloober Team’s ambition for the game. The Medium is set to come out Holiday 2020 on the Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC. You can preorder your copy right here.

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