The Medium — What User Scores Look Like a Week After Launch

The Medium — What User Scores Look Like a Week After Launch

The Medium asked users to review it on the Xbox Store, what kind of scores did it get?

The very first next-gen exclusive for the Xbox Series X and S, The Medium has been met with generally good reviews. Despite our review being on the lower side of the general consensus, it’s clear to see that The Medium definitely has its merits. When players finally got to the finish line of the game’s seven to eight-hour playtime, they were surprised when asked to review it on the Xbox Store. This isn’t bad by any measure, just surprising that a game of this caliber and status as a Series X/S exclusive would need those sorts of review numbers to be seen in the Xbox Store. Now that it’s been out for over a week, let’s see what The Medium‘s score looks like.

At first look, The Medium‘s score is based on 6,288 user reviews. It has an average of four and a half stars out of five. Five-star reviews make up 64% of all scores for the game and four-star reviews make up an additional 28%. Doing some simple math reveals that, in terms of player reviews, 92% of players scored the game with either a four or a five.

Astonishingly, that means that only 8% of players gave the game a 3-star rating or lower. Anecdotally, when I was looking through the one-star reviews, a lot of people were upset that The Medium was being marketed to them on the Xbox One, a console that doesn’t support the game. Bloober Team, the game’s developer, was quick to respond to those complaints apologizing for the confusion and clearing up where The Medium is available.

For more on The Medium, make sure to check out DualShockers‘ review of it right here. In an interview with the game’s composer, Akira Yamoaka, he revealed that he’s working on a big project to be announced this summer. Yamoaka is best known for his work on the Silent Hill series and it seems like there might be a new Silent Hill in development.