The Mighty Tirpitz Now Available on World of Warships EU; You Can Pay a Mighty 60 Euros For it

The Mighty Tirpitz Now Available on World of Warships EU; You Can Pay a Mighty 60 Euros For it

Wargaming just released the mighty German battleship Tirpitz on World of Warships‘ European servers as a premium Tier VIII entry. The release on the North American servers still hasn’t been announced.

If you want one, you’ll find it here, but as all beautiful things, it comes at a price, and it’s a rather steep one. The Beast of the Gearman Navy costs a whopping € 59.99, bundled with a Port Slot, 30 days of Premium, 2,500 Doubloons and a bunch of consumables: x24 Damage Control Party II, x24 Repair Party II and x24 Spotting Aircraft II.

It’s currently not available by itself, and it’s actually discounted by 7% for the next eight days, as the normal price would be € 64.42.

You’d think that with that price it would be rare? Think again. Just look at the first (and only) match I played today.


While its eight 15 inch guns are not the biggest in its tier, they traverse and reload insanely fast, making the Tirpitz an extremely effective cruiser killer. It’s high health is also quite fearsome.

On the other hand, you might not want to drive it into a constricted channel just to come out and slog it out at close range with the twelve guns of a Fuso (which happens to be me), because despite torpedo surprise (the Tirpitz is the only battleship in the game that carriers the pesky fishes), you might end up at the bottom of said channel despite the fact that you are two tiers above the Japanese rival.

Below you can see my first Tirpitz kill right through my sights. Yes, I’m gloating.


That said, the Tirpitz seems to be a force to be reckoned with, and it’s beautiful to boot, so what’s not to love (besides the fact that you could buy a whole game for the same price)? You can check it out for yourself in the gallery below.