The Mysterious Picture Published by Sony Probably Isn’t Teasing the PS4’s Release Date

The Mysterious Picture Published by Sony Probably Isn’t Teasing the PS4’s Release Date

Today Sony published on various channels a mysterious picture of a solar eclipse with the message “When Worlds Collide”. But what does it mean?

There are only two solar eclipses this year: one has already happened on May the 10th, while the other will be a much more relevant and visible hybrid solar eclipse that will appear in the sky on November the 3rd. You’ll be able to see it from the eastern Americas, southern Europe and Africa.

This gave birth to quite a few rumors floating around the Internet about the possibility that the teaser picture may be indicating the PS4’s release date, but it’s rather unlikely. Why? Because November the 3rd is going to be a Sunday, and the time of greatest eclipse is going to be around noon GMT (which is obviously during the day in every affected country, excluding the possibility of the picture actually teasing November the 4th instead).


Now, a release of a of the PS4 on a Sunday is most definitely unlikely, especially with a large number of shops (even more so in Europe, which is a focus market for Sony) closed for the holiday. It would involve a lot of customers unable to get their coveted console on day one, and a much slower launch day overall. It’s most probably not going to happen.

What does it mean then? And does it really indicate November the 3rd, or something else entirely? The “When Worlds Collide” sentence has been associated in various occasions (including Edge’s cover) with DUST 514, so that might be the right clue, but we can’t be sure, as it’s not part of the official marketing of the game.

In the end your guess is as good as mine, but it’s definitely unlikely that it indicates the much awaited release date of the PS4. Considering all the elements we saw so far, I would place that around the end of November, but that’s just my personal speculation, so don’t take it for granted. It really isn’t.