The Networks Board Game is Getting a Spiffy New Two Player Version

The Networks Board Game is Getting a Spiffy New Two Player Version

Formal Ferret's The Rival Networks remixes the great gameplay and comedic theme from base-networks into an awesome-looking two-player version.

Formal Ferret Games’ The Networks is an incredible game that sees players fighting to become the most successful television network around. However, the base game really plays best at either three or four players. For those of us with a less-than-reliable gaming group, it would be great to have a two-player version. Luckily for us, Formal Ferret just launched The Rival Networks on Kickstarter. It’s a streamlined two-player remix that funded almost instantly.

The Networks is one of my favorite games of all time. There’s something about the mix of excellent card-drafting mechanics and the inventive theme of running your own television network that really does it for me. Behind Gloomhaven and Rummikub, it’s the most-played game in my collection. And that’s with me having to re-explain the rules before every game to the people in my group. Rival Networks promises to simplify the rules, which, for me, is enough to sell me on the game by itself.

However, the fun doesn’t stop there. Rival Networks comes with two adorable punchboard houses that each player gets to drop their viewers into. Now, is this any more useful than a basic scoring track? Absolutely not, but those houses are so cute, and they’ll add even more levity into a game already chock full of good humor.

So, if you’re looking to add a quality two-player game to your collection, The Rival Networks might be just what you’re looking for. It mixes a humorous take on the world of television with a card-drafting system full of strategy and depth. If you already own an original copy of The Networks, I would still give this one a look. It might be a perfect companion piece for those times that you just can’t get your full group together.