The New Club Nintendo Year is Coming

The New Club Nintendo Year is Coming


At 3am EST, signs of the new Club Nintendo year clearly indicates some changes to the site. How big will the changes be? Only time will tell.

All we know now is that the Club Nintendo year is over, and the new year begins. Like last year, the rewards for those loyal fans who have bought Nintendo products, registered them, and filled out surveys will find out exactly what they will be receiving.

The Club Nintendo website states the following:


Club Nintendo is currently unavailable due to site maintenance.
We apologize for any inconvenience.

Remember to hang on to your product registration codes and make a note of your serial numbers – we’ll be back soon so you can register your products.

Please note, it is not necessary to register your hardware to begin your warranty. This is done automatically at the retailer when you purchase your product. However, please check back to register your products for Club Nintendo benefits, including hardware warranty extensions.

Forum users please note, the Tech Support Forums will be in read-only mode during this time. All existing Forum topics, posts, and replies will remain available for those looking for technical assistance with Nintendo products. No new threads or messages can be created until Club Nintendo is back up.

Please try back later.

Until then visit us at

Not that last year was incredibly terrible, but the rewards we got compared some other countries make our rewards look like peanuts to their three-course meals. Japanese platinum members at one time got actual Game & Watches. That would be sweet.