The New PS Vita Isn’t Exactly Flying Off the Shelves in Japan, but Grand Theft Auto V is Doing Great

The New PS Vita Isn’t Exactly Flying Off the Shelves in Japan, but Grand Theft Auto V is Doing Great

This morning the new lighter, slimmer and LCD screen equipped PCH-2000 went on sale in Japan, but it seems that it’s not exactly selling like hotcakes just yet.

On the Japanese branch of Amazon reception has been quite lukewarm. Here’s a list of all the available colors and their current position on the top sellers chart for games:

  1. White/Light Blue: 38th
  2. Black: 43rd
  3. Pink/Black: 54th
  4. Lime Green/White: 59th
  5. White: 72nd
  6. Khaki/Black: 85th

Looks like the most popular color combination is the white and light blue version (that does look definitely good) followed by the black, while the khaki and black version is predictably not exactly a best seller, but no color variation is exactly booming in sales.

Things are actually going quite a lot better for the Final Fantasy X|X-2 Remaster Vita bundle, that is currently ranked 4th.

At the bottom of the post you can see the line in front of the Yodobashi Camera store in Akihabara, Tokyo, around the opening time (courtesy of Twitter user Tripodisco), or better, you can see the line that was to be, but did not happen. Akihabara’s Yodobashi is one of the most popular shops in Japan for game hardware, so it’s a pretty good example.  Just under the first pic you can see the line that was there five days ago for the opening of preorders for the PS4 as a term of comparison.

Japanese blogger Azalyn, that works at a large video game shop, reports that he’s selling a few PS Vita units, but they’re moving slowly. On the other hand he also mentions that Grand Theft Auto V, that was released in Japan today as well, is doing great, describing “overwhelming sales”.

The situation definitely finds confirmation on Amazon Japan, where GTA5 is currently in third place, beaten only by Pokémon X and Y. Next Wednesday’s Media Create results will definitely be interesting.