The New PS4 Model CUH-11xxA Is Already Available in Stores Without Any Announcement From Sony

The New PS4 Model CUH-11xxA Is Already Available in Stores Without Any Announcement From Sony

It all started with a few certifications by different national radio agencies, including the FCC, but Sony never officially talked about the new PS4 model CUH-11XXA.

Turns out that the new revision is already available for sale and is currently replacing the old CUH-10XXA. No one really noticed, while Sony made no announcement about it. We had to go ahead and find out by ourselves.

The first shipment apparently came to Europe as part of the bundle with The Last of Us, bearing the model number CUH-1116A, as you can see in the lower right part of the box below.


Recently, the new console appeared in the Destiny Bundle both in North America and Europe both in white and black, bearing the CUH-1115A model for North America.


But lately the console is appearing also outside bundles. Listing for the Jet black console with the CUH-1115A and CUH-1116A model numbers have been recently appearing at multiple retailers, like Directron and Walmart. Many store still have the old model for sale, indicating that Sony is in the process of phasing out the old model and replacing it with the new. The new stand-alone PS4 Glacier White sold in Europe will also be a CUH-1116A

PS4 Glacier White

For what Japan is concerned, the CUH-11XXA will make its debut with the Glacier White as well, bearing the usual Japanese double zero regional code CUH-1100A.

Considering that Sony made absolutely no official announcement about it, we still don’t precisely know what parts were changed, besides the Wi-Fi component revealed by the FCC, lack of any word from the manufacturer seems to indicate just a minor revision.

We have reached out to Sony Computer Entertainment for a clarification on what else may have changed, if anything.

If you’re in the market for a new PS4 and want to make sure you get the new revision, just check the box for the model number (it’s either on the front or on the top, to the right), and make sure that the second digit of the number is a 1 and not a 0.