The Nintendo Download 10/27

Well, it’s Thursday, and you know what that means. It’s Nintendo download time. For what seems like the zillionth week in a row — it’s actually only been eight — the Wii goes without a Virtual Console game. Not much to write home about on the 3DS’ VC service, either, unless you like flipping burgers, which I kinda do.

The 3DS’ other offering, a puzzle platformer many have likened to Solomon’s Key seems promising enough, but early reviews of the lone WiiWare title, Anima, Ark of Sinners, doesn’t seem to be faring too well. As far as the Nintendo Video offering, let’s just say that you’ll want to put away the blue face paint — the Blue Man Group is absent this week — and maybe pick up a talking donkey who knows the lyrics to Michael Jackson’s Thriller if you want to sing along. Check us out after the jump for the full list of Nintendo downloadables.

3DS Apps
Pyramids: A puzzle platformer from Enjoy Gaming. ($3.99)

3DS Virtual Console
Burger Time: A puzzle game similar to Wrecking Crew, just in reverse and with burgers. ($2.99)

Academy: Checkers: With three difficulty levels, two different versions of checkers and a league mode, you’re probably best off utilizing the game’s 2-player mode to get the most out of it. At 500 points ($5), it’s not a bad deal for a road trip companion.
Halloween: Trick-or-Treat: Not much info available on this game other than “go trick-or-treating with your friends and try to get the best loot.” And it’s 800 points ($8).

 Anima Ark of Sinners: A Metroidvania-style side-scroller with a heavy emphasis on story. 1000 points. ($10)

Nintendo Video
Shrek: Thriller:  The jolly green ogre and his friends dance to the classic Michael Jackson tune.

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