The Old Republic Gets More Q&A, and Maybe Speeder Underglow

The Old Republic Gets More Q&A, and Maybe Speeder Underglow

No, this isn’t an episode of Pimp My Speeder, but in this week’s Developer Q&A for Star Wars: The Old Republic it was interesting to see BioWare taking an interest in customization feedback from a player. Hell, customization is something players have complained about since launch, maybe next they’ll think about adding more then four body types.

There’s a lot of features in the pipe more important then speeder underglow though. The mentoring system looks the most revolutionary, so keep reading and we’ll take a look.

Many MMOs these days have some sort of “down-leveling” or mentoring feature that allows high level players to group productively with low level ones and assist them in their questing. Principal Lead Systems Designer Damion Schubert says this is something they definitely want to do, even citing the tradition master-apprentice relationships in Star Wars. Unfortunately he didn’t go so far as to give us an ETA, which likely means it’s still far off.

As we reported to you last week, all of the GTN markets in The Old Republic will soon be bought out by the Hutts. This means that instead of each server having two largely separate economies, they’ll be compacted into one. Even though it’s been a week, fans still seem to be all over with their opinions on this one. BioWare still hasn’t decided to tell us -when- we can expect this change to occur though speculation seems to be with Game Update 1.3.

Damion Schubert never seems to really give ETAs. When I met him before he explained how conservative he is on them, in order to avoid disappointing fans if something changes and a feature ends up taking longer then they initially thought. He does give us one more big coming soon though: guild mail. It may seem small, but in a game that just got guild banks a few weeks ago, it would definitely be a nice addition.

That’s it for the major changes, head over to the official forums if you want to read all the small details. Let us know what you think and after another cheesy Star Wars Day, beware the Revenge of the Fifth.