The Order: 1886 Composer on The Knights Theme: “Breaks My Heart Every Time;” Dynamic Score and More Explained

The Order: 1886 Composer on The Knights Theme: “Breaks My Heart Every Time;” Dynamic Score and More Explained

During the PlayStation Experience Panel “MUsic Magic: How Your Favorite Game Soundtracks are Made,” there was a lot of talk about The Order: 1886, and Composer Jason Graves mentioned that the choir in the the game’s sountrack represents the lycan, and it’s both a recognizable and unique.

After the the newly introduced track “The Knights Theme” (that you can hear here) was played, Graves whispered something, and Sr. Music Producer Peter Scaturro repeated it aloud for us:

Oh that just breaks my heart every time.

Scaturro also mentioned that the track captures the weight, the struggle and the melancholy of the lifestyle of the characters, and what they are resigned to accepting in terms of their life’s mission.

He then showcased a flowchart and explained the way the soundtrack of the game is created.


The music team got together with Ready at Dawn to receive a data feed on the number of enemies on the screen. If there’s a lot, high intensity music is played.

Graves’ combat music is broken down in chunks that are 30 or 40 seconds long. Some are high intensity and some are low intensity.

When the enemies are killed and there aren’t many any more, a transition plays, and then the music moves to a low intensity state, responding to what’s happening in the game.

The result is that each player gets his own custom score depending on how he’s playing the game.

Graves also explained that he drew inspiration from basically everything. He made three trips even before he started with the final music. As a composer he immerses himself in the setting.

He has pictures of bricks and doors in London, and he looked at gigabytes of walls and doors from the City. Gameplay itself and concept art also help. Finally, time is important. He was involved in the process since 2011. Longevity gives him perspective, and having perspective really helps him be more creative and unique.

Last but not least, Scaturro clarified that the soundtrack included in the Premium Edition is the full soundtrack and also includes a couple of bonus tracks.

One thing is for sure: The Knights theme breaks my heart too, and I can’t wait to hear the full soundtrack. In the meanwhile, you can watch the full panel here.