The Order: 1886 CTO: “If One Thinks Our Game is S*it it’s Fine With Me;” No Comment on Release Date

The Order: 1886 CTO: “If One Thinks Our Game is S*it it’s Fine With Me;” No Comment on Release Date

With the recent broadcasting of a very polarizing video of The Order: 1886 Ready at Dawn Chieft Technology Officer Andrea Pessino commented on the Italian forum about the negative reactions mostly generated by the predictably low quality of the stream.

First of all, Pessino addressed those that think that the game isn’t good, with his usual blunt honesty:

An Important clarification: I didn’t write here because I want to interfere with the discussion or influence the general opinion or even less intimidate anyone.

If one thinks our game is Shit [literally: liquid shit], it’s very fine with me. : D Of course I’d prefer a different opinion, and I’m sorry that we failed to attract a possible user, but for sure I’m not hurt or angry. An opinion is an opinion – and we’re talking about entertainment here, not a matter of life or death.

We do our best and we’d like to do things that a whole lot of people will like, but it’s stupid to think that everyone will like them. Even more so today, given the costs and the lower development chances, it’s important to create projects with a lot of personality and polarizing choices. Some will like those choices (we hope many will!), some will be indifferent, some will hate them… and that’s fine.

Pessino also mentioned that he was in the office waiting to finish “a great level build” and gave more information about the game:

The heart of our game is surely a TPS. The core gameplay won’t be a revolution, that has never been our intention, but rest assure that it’s not “generic.” It’ll be an unique experience in how everything combines. You’ll see,

According to Pessino it’s a very stressful time for the team, and he described the situation quite openly:

These are very, VERY long and heavy days for us, with our nerves always on the brink of exhaustion… So thank you very much for the encouragement.

It’s 7 PM here – Two more hours of work and then (at midnight!) I’m going to go see the new X-Men! Real3D, Dolby Atmos… can’t wait. : D

Unfortunately He could not comment about the release date, which has been under a lot of speculations lately:

I can’t comment on the dates. Believe me, all I do is put myself in trouble for the things I say on Twitter. Have mercy. : (

We can only appreciate Pessino’s open and honest message, which is actually rather rare in this industry. We often forget that developers “on the other side of the iron curtain” are human beings as well, and it’s not rare to see people express criticism with a level of hatred and sheer cruelty that is difficult to justify, regardless of our position as customers.

Maybe we should remember that we aren’t just talking about big corporations competing for our money, but also about the hard work of tens of men and women that stay in the office until 9 PM (and very often much beyond that time) to refine their games as much as possible in order to provide us with the entertainment we love. They deserve our respect, and too often they don’t get it.

As a final note, if you’re wondering if the messages did come from the real Pessino, he posted a hilarious picture as evidence, which will also let you associate a face to the name:

Ha Ha… did you really think someone could pretend to be me? LOL

photo-1The message says “Pope Francis? : (“