The Order: 1886 Dev: Play Time Depends on Player Ability; Doesn’t Utilize PS4 100%

The Order: 1886 Dev: Play Time Depends on Player Ability; Doesn’t Utilize PS4 100%

The Order: 1886 is mere days away, yet over the last week or so we’ve seen the biggest outpouring of information on the upcoming PS4 exclusive by way of a few leaked video by the lucky buggers who’ve managed to get their hands on an early copy ahead of its release.

One major aspect that has come under fire by prospective players is the potential play-time that Ready at Dawn’s Victorian adventure has to offer.

In recent interview, Ready at Dawn’s Dana Jan revealed that players can expect the “average” length that’s offered within the third-person shooter genre, but also stated that it’s also dependent on the players ability and familiarity with the genre.

The game length depends a bit on your ability and familiarity that you may have with this genre, but to give you an idea, it will not be far from the average offered by this type of game (third person shooter). As for hours of gameplay and gameplay will be very similar. The problem is that there is a misconception because the gameplay can be offered in different ways.

So for those of you who are veterans of the third-person shooter genre, you’ll be familiar with the mechanics and can expect the “average,” whatever that is. Typically speaking, linear third-person shooters tend to run around 8-12 hours, though that does depend on the difficulty settings you choose and the amount of time you spend exploring the game world. Don’t forget replays either as The Order: 1886 will probably take you a couple of goes through the campaign to get each and every trophy.

Jan goes on to state that, remarkably, The Order: 1886 doesn’t utilize the PS4 to it’s full potential. Despite being a contender for ‘most-realistic looking game’ amongst fans, the developers think there’s even more to be gotten out of the PS4.

I think we have not used the PS4 to it’s 100% limit, although it does not really matter what you do or what platform you’re working, you can always squeeze a little more and make everything flow a little faster. Whenever you go back to do some improvements the industry changes, and so we will continue working to get the best.

It begs the question: What’s to come? Games looking this good so early on in the life-cycle of a console is a great indication that there is a lot more to be seen. Just take a look at the PS3 and Uncharted: Drake’ Fortune. It was heralded as the best looking game at its time, then fast-forward a few short years and it looks particularly dated when compared to it’s successors.

Maybe in five or six years we’ll look back on The Order: 1886 and think the same, which isn’t a bad thing.