The Order: 1886 Dev talks Gameplay: Gunplay Is “Very Satisfying;” Spectacle Will “Blow People’s Minds”

The Order: 1886 Dev talks Gameplay: Gunplay Is “Very Satisfying;” Spectacle Will “Blow People’s Minds”

There’s a lot of talk about The Order: 1886‘s graphics, but what about its gameplay? Ready at Dawn’s CTO Andrea Pessino promised good things even on that front in a livestreamed interview on on the Spanish website Meristation.

Pessino mentioned that he thinks the controls feel great. There are parameters you can adjust, like how quickly galahad turns if you prefer to have a bit of a twitchier response, but in general it’s a cover shooter, so the cover mechanics and the variety of unique weapons were one of the main focuses for the studio during development.

The two developers principally responsible for the battle mechanics of the game are experts in combat design. Due to that, Pessino thinks we’ll find that gunplay is very satisfying and very responsive.

There are both straight/sticky and soft cover implemented, alongside many little details not all of which have been described yet, and the muscular developer promised that The Order: 1886 has all of the “modern features” we’d expect from a third person shooter.

Pessino also explained that he hopes everybody will enjoy the game. He thinks it’s a fun title and that seeing The Order: 1886‘s spectacle on the screen is going to blow people’s minds for a while.

That said, he mentioned that one of the best things in the game is the connection with the characters. If you play one of the game’s big gun fights, he hopes you’ll find that it’s fun, with great guns and the cool ability to tear people’s limbs off, but when you play it in the context of the story, you’ll find how different it feels even if you’re playing the same sequence.

That’s because the characters have very deep and strong motivations. The game is “very operatic” and aims to cause powerful emotions. It’s all about honor, duty, ethics, morals and being torn between them.

Galahad is a soldier, and believes he has always performed his duty, which was killing half-breeds. All of a sudden he’s tasked to kill humans, and that’s not what the Order is supposed to be about.

The story is designed to grab you and never let go from the prologue. By the end you should be able to get to know the characters, know their motivations, really be involved with their story, and Pessino is “pretty sure” you will have an emotional response. “If you get to the end and you don’t feel emotion, you’re probably dead inside.”

Ultimately, he feels that if you get immersed in the world, you’re going to have a “really fun experience.”