The Order: 1886 Dev: Barely Touching Surface with PS4; Speaks on Potential Future of Franchise & More

The Order: 1886 Dev: Barely Touching Surface with PS4; Speaks on Potential Future of Franchise & More

The Order: 1886 hasn’t even been released and people are already speculating as to what the future could hold for the franchise.

Thankfully it seems Ready at Dawn have had something in mind for a long while, as explained by Ready at Dawn’s Ru Weerasuriya in a recent interview.

The reality of this IP is that it needed to exist outside this game and that’s the reason why even the marketing campaign has gone this far.

The game director notes that the marketing campaign that included the ‘Little Bobby Paige’ and ‘Silent Night’ trailers are all there to cement The Order within history, and not just the year that the game focuses on.

They help establish the fact that beyond this one year (1886,) we’re talking about in this game, this spans hundreds of years before, a thousand years, actually even more than that before 1886 and it spans the years that follow all the way to our present day. It’ll be fun one way or another to see how much more we can do with this.

Ru then goes on to speak of Ready at Dawn’s partnership with Sony, stating that while he is a “RaD” man through and through, the partnership between the two companies has been great for both parties and that he would like to continue the partnership, due partly to the draw of working on the PS4.

I’m a Ready at Dawn man, we’re a 130-man team, we live and die by what we do as a company and I think out partnership with Sony is a great marriage in so many ways for us because I think there’s mutual respect there and I do hope this is the way we keep on going because the PS4 is an amazing platform.

He then explains that the PS4 is barely even being stretched at the moment and that the team behind The Order: 1886 already have plans to push the platform even further.

I mean honestly it’s like, you know, it’s an amazing platform to work on an we’ve been able to leverage quite a lot out of it and we know we can leverage… I wanna say like, we’re just touching the surface of it and we’re at the beginning of the generation. We have these years to hit a higher bar and we already have ideas about how to get there.

It’s staggering to see what has already been achieved so early on in the life cycle of the new consoles. I personally cannot even begin to image what games will look like five years down the line.