The Order 1886: Ready at Dawn Explains the Secrets of its Amazing Visuals: “Like an Oil Painting”

The Order 1886: Ready at Dawn Explains the Secrets of its Amazing Visuals: “Like an Oil Painting”

The Order: 1886 amazed many with its latest gameplay reveal, and today Creative Director Ru Weerasuriya explained some of the secrets behind the game’s amazing visuals in an interview with Adam Sessler at Rev3Games.

Weerasurya explained that the looks of the game are a results of a mix of a lot of elements, starting with the advanced system used to reproduces the texture of realistic materials:

We built a system that allows us to replicate a lot of things, even the texture of things. I mean… they feel palpable.

He continued by describing that the aim wasn’t to build superhero characters, but characters grounded in reality, and paintings have a beautiful way to do that, because they depict people the way they are and normally not in an idealized way:

The world is the same, the thickness of the air, that feels like there’s depth, and the fact that we use camera lenses like the way you’d expect out of movies. The fact that lighting is done in such a way that we try to replicate not only lighting that would be reminiscent of the time, but also some times what would equate to stage lighting, where we can actually make lights feel a little bit surreal, but comfortable to your eye, since you’ve already seen them.

It’s all of these things that basically create that sense of visuals that – like you said – feel like an oil painting. You feel like you could take a screenshot and that would be like a painting that someone would do.

At the end of the interview Weerasurya also confirmed that the game will be released this year, pretty much putting the seal on what was hinted by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Managing Director Fergal Gara during the presentation conference of the PS Vita 2000. 

Considering that one of the new screenshots of the game is now used as my desktop wallpaper, I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to define the game’s visuals akin to an oil painting. I’m not too sure about the idea that paintings don’t depict people in an idealistic way, but still, the game definitely looks amazing. We’ll just have to see how much it’ll evolve before its release by the end of the year.