The Order 1886 Unveiled: New Screenshots, Info and Gameplay Will Make You Feel Like it’s Christmas

The Order 1886 Unveiled: New Screenshots, Info and Gameplay Will Make You Feel Like it’s Christmas

It has been a long wait, but the embargo on The Order: 1886‘s information, gameplay and screenshots has finally been dropped (one hour early, due to someone leaking the gameplay like a perfect goon), and while it’s already February, they’ll probably make you feel like it’s Christmas again.

If you can’t wait and you want want to feast your eyes on the new assets, all you have to do is to look down to find the rich gallery with screens and artwork, the new trailer and the gameplay video.

If you didn’t hurry downstairs for the the pretty pictures just yet and you’re still reading (unlikely, I know), here’s a breakdown of some of the elements we know about the game for the moment.

The Order: 1886 is a third person action shooter, based on a rather advanced cover system, but with pretty canonical shooting mechanics. A twist comes with the nice selection of exotic weaponry and an interesting close combat system based on a rather interesting variation on the theme of quick time events: while at times you’ll have the usual QTE (for instance to dodge), there will be instances in which time will freeze and you’ll be presented with choices that will dramatically change the outcome of the fight.

Graphically, we can expect the game to be rendered at 30 frames per second, while the resolution will be 1920 x 800 with cinematic black bands above and below the screen.

While there are four protagonists, the game is strictly single player. There won’t be competitive multiplayer or co-op. According to the developers there’s an intense camaraderie between the four knights, but nothing will be shared about what this entails mechanics-wise until a later date.

While open world games are very much “in” at the moment, The Order: 1886 will be structured in linear levels in order to focus on storytelling.

An advanced physics engine is also included in the game, allowing more complex elements to be added to the cover system, as it’s possible to shoot through protections and to destroy them. Soft body physics are fully simulated, and hair and cloth move realistically alongside the characters.

Advanced lighting is also a big part of The Order‘s visual fidelity, and features like light filtering through curtains and atmospheric particles will be fully implemented.

The animation set of the game’s characters will be equally complex, with contextual motion captured animations that adapt to the environment around Galahad and his companions, instead of just having them moving regardless of what surrounds them. They will interact with walls, furniture and other elements of the environment in a natural way.

The features of the DualShock 4 will be used extensively. For instance you’ll have to send messages in Morse code to the Order’s airship (yes, the knights have an airship, even if it isn’t know whether it’ll be directly involved in the gameplay) with the touch pad of the controller.

That’s it for now. If you resisted the urge to dive on the assets and kept reading until now, I commend you. You can check out the new screenshots, artwork gameplay video and official trailer just below. If you don’t mind using more bandwidth you can also find an alternative super high quality version of the gameplay video on our new Vimeo channel.