The Order: 1886: Gameplay Footage Teased: “Will Wow You;” Details Shared on “Amazing” Engine and Hair

The Order: 1886: Gameplay Footage Teased: “Will Wow You;” Details Shared on “Amazing” Engine and Hair

The Order 1886 has been unveiled in June and then Ready at Dawn has basically gone into radio silence. Yet something seems to be brewing behind the scenes as NeoGaf user DemonNite, known to be a Sony Computer Entertainment employee (and a quite trustworthy one at that) revealed on the forums.

DemonNite mentioned that “something” has been ready to be shown for a while:

Something has been ready for a while now – I don’t know when they’ll unleash it.

While he doesn’t know when that “something” will be shown, it seems to be a trailer, or more precisely, DemonNyte’s words seem to indicate that there’ll be more than one and the first one will unveil at least a release window of the game (the following line was in response to “I really hope this is a 2014 release”).

I’m sure the trailer will say  (whichever one they show first).

He also seems to be confident that what we’re going to see is going to be amazing and will surprise us:

RAD are doing some amazing things in their engine. Visually, and technically, it will wow you guys when you all see it in action, in real time gameplay.

Finallly talking about the clothes of the characters, he teased the power of the physics engine that will be used in the game:

Yep.. they move really good in action. I rem at the beginning it was a bit too floaty but they’ve fixed it as far as i can see.

Lets not forget that other materials will also have physical properties simulated ; )

What could those “other materials” be? A hint could have been given by Ready at Dawn Founder and Chief Technology Officer Andrea Pessino on Twitter just two days ago, quite interestingly just a little more than a hour before DemonNite’s relevant post (responding to a fan asking whether TressFX would be used for the game):

We have some interesting hair physics prototypes (for beards too!), not sure it’ll make it into the game – maybe… : )

One thing is for sure. We’re all just about ready for the radio silence to end, and for some spiffy gameplay footage of The Order: 1886. Unfortunately we still don’t know when Ready at Dawn will “unleash” it, but I have a feeling that it’s going to be explosive.