The Order: 1886’s CTO Talks Linearity, Gameplay and More; PS4 “Best Console Ever Made by Sony”

The Order: 1886’s CTO Talks Linearity, Gameplay and More; PS4 “Best Console Ever Made by Sony”

We saw quite a lot about The Order: 1886 at E3, but some complained about the fact that the demo seemed a but linear. Ready at Dawn Chief Technical Officer Andrea Pessino addressed that issue and a lot more in a definitely interesting video interview on the Italian website Multiplayer.

Pessino started off by explained that the plan for Ready at Dawn has always been to grow ever since the times of development on PSP, and he jokingly mentioned that The Order is the first step in dominating the universe.

He also explained that everything used to develop The Order: 1886 is proprietary, from physics to everything else. The team uses nothing that isn’t made in-house.

With The Order 1886 the goal is to introduce the world of the game to the players, and the title is first and foremost a third person action adventure game, while the cinematic aspect should not be considered the most important aspect, but something that enriches the game.

Pessino mentioned that he thinks that those that tried the game already realize that it’s a very rewarding and fun shooter. There are very interesting and new mechanics like the Thermite Gun and the Blacksight, and the idea is to create an experience that will be, as a whole, really unique.

He also explained that there are moments that are very linear, like what was shown on stage, which is a part of the game that focuses on telling the story, but it’s indeed just a part of the game, and not all of it is like that. It’s actually “quite the opposite.”

We also learn that from now until the title’s release, everything that will be shown will be focused on core gameplay. Pessino thinks that setting, narration, visuals and audio have already been plenty convincing for the audience, but from now on it’s time to introduce more core gameplay details.

Talking about PS4, he mentioned that the console is surely not “hard” to code for, even if it’s never easy to make any platform really shine. Yet, according to him PS4 is “the best console ever made by Sony.” That’s because since the very beginning the opinion of developers hasn’t just been asked for, but also listened to, ranging from the tools, the oprating system and the general architecture. He credits Mark Cerny for having created this new culture within Sony.

The studio is still getting used to the enormous quantity of feedback they’re receiving on the game: last year people couldn’t even believe the first trailer was actually rendered in real time while now some count polygons hunting for downgrades. On the contrary, everything, from visuals to the simulation aspect is much better than it used to be when the game was introduced. So feedback is fantastic, but learning to filter it to understand what gamers really want is something Ready at Dawn is still working on.

Pessino concluded the interview by saying that he thinks and hopes that those that will try the finished game will be very happy about it. In the end The Order: 1886 is a game with an unique setting and a very interesting story, but ultimately combat will be a lot of fun, and there will be weapons and moments which will be “absolutely unforgettable.”