The Order: 1886’s Dev Hopes To Add Photo Mode to the Game on PS4: “It Would Be Really Spectacular”

The Order: 1886’s Dev Hopes To Add Photo Mode to the Game on PS4: “It Would Be Really Spectacular”

A few games published by Sony Computer Entertainment had an advanced photo mode added to them, most of the  times down the line after release. It’s hard to think about a game that would fit the feature better than The Order: 1886. First and foremost, because it’s gorgeous, and secondly because the “behind the shoulder” camera makes you wish you could see more.

I asked Ready at Dawn CTO Andrea Pessino if we could get a photo mode added to the game in the future, and his response was quite enthusiastic.

We haven’t announced anything yet, but I hope we’ll get to work on something like that, because I want to see it too. It would be really great. It’s not as easy as it seems, especially in our game because there’s all kinds of crazy stuff that happens behind the scenes to make it look so good, that once you freeze the camera and let the player move around, we have to be able to handle it correctly.

So it would be a little bit of work, but it’s something that, if we manage to do, I think it would be really spectacular and add a lot to the game.

After that, I asked him whether it could be possible to have that feature work even within cutscenes, since they’re all in-engine. Pessino proved more hesitant, explaining that cutscenes look so good because they are specifically staged to look as spectacular as possible, with all kinds of cinematic techniques like lights placed right in the perfect spot to enhance all the imperfections of a character’s face.

If you allow photo mode to be used within the cutscenes, it would be like calling “cut!” in the middle of a movie set, moving back and seeing that it’s a movie being shot, so it would be kind of like breaking the illusion. “It would be an interesting decision to make,” he concluded.