The Order 1886: Early User Reports Over 12 Hours of Gameplay; Screenshot Shows Gruesome Gore Effects

The Order 1886: Early User Reports Over 12 Hours of Gameplay; Screenshot Shows Gruesome Gore Effects

There have been extreme rumors lately about the duration of the order, including absolutely ridiculous claims on it lasting three hours, already debunked by developers at Ready at Dawn. Interestingly, veteran NeoGAF user OsirisBlack is actually playing the game, and he reports that he hasn’t yet finished the story after 12 hours and a half of gameplay.

Here’s how he describes the game’s pacing and more:

The best word I can think of to describe the pacing is deliberate, or maybe even methodical. The sound is absolutely top notch, and I think the only score that will touch this one this year is Bloodborne or The Witcher 3. Some of the ambient sounds are worth just standing still to listen to. Voice acting is superb, some are better than others (Percival’s va is so damn good while Lafayette’s is hit or miss). The gameplay blends everything together in a very satisfying way.

While the duration of the campaign will probably vary from user to user depending on skill and playstyle, we can pretty much put those rumors about an extremely short campaign to rest. Having seen several livestreams during the past couple days, there’s definitely more to The Order: 1886 than some would like us to believe.

Additionally, if you want to see how gory the game can be, user ReNeGaDe124 posted a rather telling screenshot. You can check it out below.


Interestingly, Community Manager J Goldberg also posted, explaining how the Camera Bias option works:

Go into the controller settings, and turn on Camera Bias. It’s off by default. This will allow you to switch which shoulder you look over using the touchpad.

You need to press down on the touchpad on the opposite side shoulder you’re currently over. This will not work while in cover.

Goldberg also explained the reasoning that caused the developer to set it off by default:

In testing, if people turned it on by mistake, they didn’t understand what happened, and couldn’t figure out how to change it without instruction. That can be much more frustrating than not being able to change it at all.

He then gave a little tip, also mentioning a degree of controls customization available:

In addition to that (this is something not really in the tutorial), you can hold circle to move around the ends of cover to execute a 90 degree turn.

Also, for those that asked a few pages back, you can swap the triggers with the shoulder buttons, and swap the analog sticks, all available in the options.

Incidentally, it boggles my mind that someone could even just conceive that a game like The Order: 1886 could last three hours, especially since we know that the first chapter alone is about a hour long and the fact that the developers already denied the possibility of such a short play time. Let’s not even think about writing an actual article spreading such a ridiculous claim.

I guess the alternate history setting put some in the mood of writing science-fiction…