The Order 1886’s “Supernatural” Won’t be “Magic;” It’ll be Believable

The Order 1886’s “Supernatural” Won’t be “Magic;” It’ll be Believable

The Order: 1886‘s story definitely has a strong supernatural component, but just how far will it go? Creative Director Ru Weerasuriya explained in an interview on GameTrailers that there won’t be “magic” in the game, and that the story will remain believable.

We kind of hinted at the supernatural with the first trailer we’ve shown at E3. People do bring up the idea of “how far is it gonna go? Is it gonna be magic?”

We don’t go there. We don’t want to go there. Magic is something where it’s hard for us to make it believable. The supernatural often times can be believable. And still today people liv with the supernatural, and people believe that the supernatural really is there.

We always strive to basically walk that fine line of “how far can we push it?” And you’ll see that there are things in the game… we’re pushing the barrier of those things, but there’s always a test that we have back at work, which is telling ourselves “do I believe it?” We’ll present to other people in the company and they’ll kinda go “yeah…You’re pushing the envelope.. what are you doing?” And at that point we dial back.

So we will stay away from what we see as fantasy and magical, but we will definitely basically draw from the supernatural to bring that edge to the reality that we’re building.

In addition to that Weerasuriya also mentions that the game will push the envelope of immersion by removing the gap between cinematics and gameplay.

The latest reveals have definitely brought The Order: 1886 on the radars of many, and now Ready at Dawn has a lot of hype to live up to. Probably keeping things believable and immersive will be one of the keys to ensure that gamers aren’t turned off by excessive magical fireworks.