The “Oscenely Addictive” PS4 Game Is Tricky Towers by Weirdbeard Games

The “Oscenely Addictive” PS4 Game Is Tricky Towers by Weirdbeard Games

Today Shahid Ahmad teased an “obscenely addictive” game in the announcement pipeline, and the announcement came. It’s Tricky Towers, by Amsterdam-based Weirdbeard Games.

The fact that it’s an indie game probably will surprise almost no one, but it does seem a very interesting one.

The game is a multiplayer physics-based building game in which players compete to build their tower faster and taller than the opponents by using Tetris-like bricks. Once a player reaches the finish line, they need their tower to stand for three seconds before collapsing.

It seems easy, but things are made more challenging by the other players, that can use magic spells to hinder their opponents, or to help make their own builds a bit more solid.

For now, two multiplayer modes have been introduced, survivor and race, but there will be more, and the folks at Weirdbeard are working on a single player campaign.

If you want a taste of what the game is all about, you can watch the trailer and screenshot below, but you also have another way. Weirdbeard actually released a quite similar game for mobile named 99 Bricks Wizard Academy. You can catch a glimpse on what’s to come by grabbing the game on iTunes or Google Play.

Tricky Towers will be released “soon” on PS4.