The Outer Worlds Seems to Be Making an Appearance at E3 2019

The Outer Worlds Seems to Be Making an Appearance at E3 2019

Obsidian Entertainment is urging viewers to keep an eye on broadcasts from "Los Angeles, California, Earth" for The Outer Worlds during E3.

With a huge array of talent behind it and an intriguing universe to exploreThe Outer Worlds is among the more high-profile games that many are anticipating on the horizon, and it seems that with E3 2019 around the corner, we can expect to hear some new information tied to the game during the event next month.

The official Twitter account for The Outer Worlds teased that we should “pay attention to broadcasts from Los Angeles, California, Earth, in the coming weeks,” indicating that we’re likely to get some new announcements for the game at E3 2019.

At this point in time, the main detail that many are waiting for is the release date of The Outer Worlds, with previous rumors indicating that the game might arrive in August 2019. If the game does plan to arrive sometime in August, then naturally E3 would make sense to share that information with the rest of the universe…I mean, world.

Likewise, that also leaves the question of whether we will see The Outer Worlds during one of the press conferences at E3 2019 in the form of either new gameplay or a cinematic trailer. Logically, the Xbox press conference would make the most sense after Microsoft acquired developer Obsidian Entertainment last year to give the spotlight to one of its newly-acquired studios, despite The Outer Worlds not being a wholly-exclusive title, as it was in development prior to the acquisition.

The Outer Worlds is currently in development for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and is expected to arrive sometime in 2019.