The Outer Worlds — How to Get Each Companion

There are six companions to recruit in The Outer Worlds — here's how to get them all.

The Outer Worlds drips with personality. Not only do the factions, worlds, and individual towns each feel distinct and memorable, but every companion brings something different to the table. They’ve all got varying degrees of unique charm. While you’ll probably have your favorites and won’t necessarily like everyone, you can recruit them all pretty easily. The Outer Worlds features six companions in total and each one’s worth giving a shot. Here’s how to get them all.

Quick note—this guide won’t feature any major story spoilers but I’ll obviously be talking about each companion and the quests sometimes required to get them. Keep how much you want to remain a secret in mind and proceed with caution.


Parvati will most likely be the first companion you run into. She’ll also be the sweetest and most delightfully awkward mechanic you’ll ever meet. Her special ability is “Overload,” a Thor-like electric hammer ground pound that knocks enemies to the ground while stunning automechanicals.

She is located in the town of Edgewater on Terra 2, the game’s starting planet. You can find her in administrator Reed Tobson’s office. Simply speaking to him as the main quest “Stranger in a Strange Land” requires will give you the option to recruit her.

Vicar Max

Max is a preacher with an uneasy mind—a man desperate to make sense of the universe through the lens of his orderly religion, The Plan. His special ability is “Trickshot,” a long-range shotgun blast that knocks enemies down and makes them more vulnerable to plasma, shock, corrosion, and N-ray damage.

He also resides in Edgewater. You’ll find him in the town’s church. Speak to him about a power regulator and he’ll reveal that he’s looking for a book. Follow the quest you receive called “The Illustrated Manual” to get that book. Once you bring it back to Max, he’ll be willing to join your crew.


Ellie is a doctor who also happens to be a pirate. If bits aren’t involved, she isn’t interested. Her special ability is “Quick Draw,” a series of rapid-fire pistol shots that disarm enemies and do bleed damage over time.

She’s looking to clear a debt when you first meet her in the sickbay on the Groundbreaker. Speak with her to get the quest “Worst Contact.” See it through to the end to clear her debt and Ellie will become recruitable.


Felix is a brash young man without a lick of respect for authority. If you’re looking for a companion that hates his corporate overlords just as much as you, he’s your guy. No one else broaches his ‘stick it to the man’ ideologies. His special ability is “Dropkick,” a…well, dropkick that pushes enemies backward, reduces their combat skills, increases how much damage they take, and slows down their attack speed.

He makes his presence known when you first dock on the Groundbreaker. You can find him arguing with some guards right on the path towards figuring out why your ship has been detained. Talk to him to discover that he knocked a man out with a tossball stick. Keep working through the main quest until you gain the ability to leave the Groundbreaker. Head back towards your ship where he’ll be waiting outside with a pitch on why he’s a perfect fit for the crew and you can choose whether or not you want to recruit him.


Nyoka makes her living as a hunter and spends that living getting wasted in a bar called The Yacht Club in Stellar Bay, Monarch’s biggest settlement. That’s where you’ll find her. Her special ability is “Barrage,” a light machine gun hosing that temporarily reduces an enemy’s armor rating and deals fire damage over time. You can fly to Stellar Bay after purchasing a Navkey from Gladys, a black market fence on the Groundbreaker, through the main quest “Passage to Anywhere.” Alternatively, you can kill her and steal the Navkey. Your choice.

The proceeding main quest “Radio Free Monarch” brings you right to Nyoka. She’s pretty much impossible to miss—just follow that quest’s steps to sober her up and she’ll join you. Word of warning though, Nyoka is the most appreciative of the stability corporations bring to the colony. Story-wise, she’s not a great fit for you full-blown revolutionaries out there.


A defunct SAM can be found on the top floor of your ship, the Unreliable. He’s the big cleaning unit robot in the red-lit supply closet next to all the other rooms. His special ability is “Decontaminate,” a ground pound that releases acid, dealing damage to nearby enemies, reducing their armor, and knocking them down. You can easily miss this companion if you don’t explore the Unreliable, so be sure to do so early on in your adventure. Take a good look around the closet and interact with everything that you can; consequently, you’ll get a quest called “The Cleaning Machine.”

Follow that quest to upgrade SAM from a defunct cleaning robot to a powerful combat unit who also lives to clean. While he’s the most effective companion in terms of combat, he has the least going on story-wise. He’s the only companion without a post-recruitment side quest. That, unfortunately, means there’s very little bonding time to be had.

Let us know how Parvati is also your favorite once you find everyone. Good hunting!

The Outer Worlds is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One and it can be picked up on Amazon. It is also coming to Nintendo Switch in the future. If you want to learn more about The Outer Worlds, you can check out our review of the game.

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