The Outer Worlds Directors Discuss the Negative Aspects of Hype

The Outer Worlds Directors Discuss the Negative Aspects of Hype

The Outer Worlds' Directors from Obsidian Entertainment recently talked about the negative things that come with the massive amounts of hype.

Following the disastrous launch of Fallout 76, The Outer Worlds, a “reactive RPG” being developed by some of the original Fallout’s creators at Obsidian Entertainment, gained a lot traction after its The Game Awards announcement.0 Most of this buzz is extremely positive, with many hoping the game will fill the void left by recent Fallout titles. While Obsidian Entertainment does want fans to be excited for the game, in a recent interview with GameInformer Co-Directors Leonard Boyarsky and Tim Cain discussed the negative aspects of the surprising amount of hype for The Outer Worlds.

When asked if the game if will meet fan exceptions, Leonard Boyard said “I don’t know. I hope that people aren’t over-hyping it.” Leonard then highlighted what his biggest concerns with the game’s hype cycle were. “My concern with some of the hype is that nothing we could make, even if we had $100 million would live up to what people are imagining,” he said. “You can never compete with people’s imaginations as that’s an unlimited budget right there.”

Tim Cain’s main concern seems to be more focused on misinformation. “People are watching the trailer and drawing conclusions that aren’t necessarily right and then going ‘Man, I know that game is going to have this and I can’t wait!’ Well, we’re not really going to have that and we didn’t say we had that,” he said, mainly referring to the speculation that The Outer Worlds is a giant and lengthy sandbox game. He also reminisced about how developing the original Fallout was less stressful because people didn’t know what it was at the time. “I’d hate for somebody to buy our game and think it’s something else,” Leonard Boyarsky later said.

As I mentioned, this doesn’t mean Obsidian Entertainment has a lack of confidence in the game. “I’m very confident that people who like our kind of games and are interested in our style of game will really enjoy it,” promised Leonard. “It’s important for me that people understand what the game is and what it’s supposed to be and decide whether they want to play it based on that.” Tim Cain then left things off with another comment that sums The Outer Worlds’ whole situation up pretty well:

“I think people do this for every game, so it isn’t new. People will hear about a game and start speculating what it’s going to be. When I read comments and I’m like ‘That not our game,’ I get a little worried that they’re hoping that we’re going to produce something that we are not. At the heart it’s a reactive RPG. It’s not a space simulator, it’s not a space shoot ’em up. They should just look at it for what it is: an awesome game you want to play.”

You can check out the video interview below. The Outer Worlds is expected to release for PC, PS4, and Xbox One sometime in 2019 and will be getting a physical release.