The Outer Worlds Features Loading Screen Art that Reflects the Player’s Choices

The Outer Worlds Features Loading Screen Art that Reflects the Player’s Choices

The Outer Worlds for PC, PS4, and Xbox One's massive amount of player choice will even be reflected in the game's loading screens

The developers over at Obsidian Entertainment have stressed that The Outer Worlds will feature a lot of player choice. Whether it comes to gameplay, where players can fill a variety of roles like the new Leadership one, or story, The Outer Worlds seems like a game that RPGs fans will want to play over and over again. To reflect this massive amount of player choice, Obsidian is actually creating special of pieces of art for loading screens that reflect what players are doing in the game.

This feature was revealed to GameInformer in a recent interview. Daniel Alpert, the Art Lead on The Outer Worlds, even calls these pieces of loading screen art his “favorite pieces in the game.” He then elaborated on how exactly the feature works. “As you play through, you affect story events. You get these loading screens that are like newspaper-printed images of things the player has done,” he told GameInformer. “In a single playthrough, you can’t get all the newspaper images.”

Of course, these images will all look like propaganda one would see in an old newspaper as, in-universe, they have been created by the corporations that run each world. The Outer Worlds Co-Director Leonard Boyarsky explained that the art team “knew we wanted to do something where you were seeing images or propaganda based on what you had done,” and they eventually settled on the corporation propaganda angle.

“It came together when we decided that it was told from the Board’s [the corporate ruling body in The Outer Worlds] point of view. These are from Board-operated newspapers and periodicals,” he revealed. “If you’re doing stuff the Board approves of, you’re a hero. If you’re doing anti-Board stuff, it’s an ‘evil, mysterious stranger plotting against us’ kind of thing.”

In fact, corporate propaganda is prevalent throughout the entirety of The Outer Worlds’ story. “We have these two planets – one is Terra, one is Monarch – and the people of Terra don’t like the people of Monarch. They’re making propaganda films to sell to the people why it’s bad there,” Daniel Alpert explained. The problems with a society run by corporations seems to be one of the major issues The Outer Worlds is tackling so the developers working hard to get this point across, even in the loading screens.

You can check out some of these loading screen images below alongside some other new art featured in GameInformer’s interview. The Outer Worlds is poised to launch for PC, PS4, and Xbox One later this year and will be seeing a retail release on consoles.