The Outer Worlds Finally Docks On Steam October 23

The Outer Worlds Finally Docks On Steam October 23

The Outer Worlds finally makes its way to Steam on October 23 after being exclusive to the Epic Game Store on PC for about a year.

Obsidian’s The Outer Worlds launched last year to solid critical praise and great sales. This summer, the Nintendo Switch received a port that was lackluster. But now the game is finally making its way to Steam. Obsidian announced Steam players will only have to wait a few short days before picking up the game on their favored platform. The Outer Worlds launches on Steam October 23. Check out their short teaser trailer below.

If you’ve yet to play The Outer Worlds, it’s kind of like a modern Fallout game crossed with something out of the Firefly universe. You play as the captain of a small spaceship, taking your crew around the stars to save the universe from very greedy corporations. Your crew is made up of several fun characters with their own storyline for you to explore. And really, they’re the best part of the game.

 The Outer Worlds brings tons of that Obsidian humor and wit, while also providing a decent enough FPS RPG. Now, there are a few places where it misses the mark, but as an easy-going romp through space, it doesn’t get much better on current-gen hardware. And, with it finally hitting Steam, tons of players are going to start flocking in. Thus, this is a perfect time to see what the game is all about.

The Outer Worlds is available now on Nintendo Switch, PC (via the Epic Game Store), PS4, and Xbox One. It comes to Steam on October 23. So, dust off that leather vest and get ready for some exciting space escapades.